Getting Fonts from PC/Mac to DesignSpace

This goes over the process of how to install a font from to use in Design Space on a Mac. The process is almost identical on a Windows PC running v.7 or v.10. In the event your Mac does unzip iZip will do the trick. ALWAYS check your font license when you download your fonts.For example the Summer In December font we downloaded has a disclaimer ” This font is free for personal use and non-profit use. If you make money from using this font, you must purchase a license.”

Nephilim Goes To Bark For Life

nephwheekNeph is in full star mode and doesn’t want to do an appearance at Bark For Life unless he raises $100, so come on help him out!

Doing a simple fundraiser, trying to get to at least $100. Each virtual luminaria is a $5 donation to Nephilim’s Bark For Life goal. These virtual luminarias will be up for as long as there is internet. They can be for a two legged or 4 legged person. So who is ready to help Nephilim raise a $100 for Bark For Life of Wichita County? I realize he’s a guinea pig and doesn’t actually bark but he does make a lot of noise against cancer.

One of my other pet projects is, the dolls themselves appeal to me as a fan of Horror movies and mymhcheckthology without getting to gross or adult. They are fun and most of the time have a really good message kids these days need. To keep up with my collection I created for some of the guys on my Horror movie message boad and it grew from there. Each doll has it’s UPC number to allow for easier tracking online. Through many requests I made the checklist printable.