San Diego Comic Con 2018

Going to SDCC this year felt different. No Monster High releases to marvel over and take tons of pics of. Not awesome Mattel employees to chat with and share Monster stories with. On Wednesday during Preview Night she was spotted. Hidden in the Mattel Sales shop was a crossover no one really asked for or needed but holy biscuits is she gorgeous. So please please tweet and instagram the heck out of pics of her to get Mattel to notice Monster High and HeMan again.

#tellmattel #MonsterHighxMOTU



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Updates! What are those?

I HAVE A LIST! A real one that I’ve committed to adding 10 dolls to the site each day until completely updated!

In other news the Monster High Minis with pets have started popping up at Targets in the US. They’ve been added to the Minis Pinterest. The transforming Ghouls (Lagoona, Draculaura and Clawdeen) are showing up at Target as well as the new Ballerina dolls.

There are links for Alivia and Frankie but not in stock on Amazon or  WalMart.

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Added the Monster High Family

Only missing Frankie and Alivia. Cleo’s family appears to be a Target exclusive set.

Need help with the Garden Ghouls. I’ve only stumbled onto Cleo but I need the UPCs for everyghoul and the little bug fairies.

Also Collector Abbey is available from MattelShop now, Amazon’s doesn’t release until November

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New info from SDCC 2017

Monster High & SDCC 2017: ADDENDUM

UPDATE: This Saturday, I asked Garrett Sander (the Monster High creator) how the fandom can best express our feelings about Monster High and its presence at comic-con to inspire change. He gave a me a few pointers:

• Call the customer service number, and leave comments about how much you love Monster High and how much you miss the SDCC panel and display: 1-800-524-8697

• Write letters to Mattel, Incorporated explaining why Monster High is important to you, and why Mattel should put it in their focus. This is an especially good option, because it allows us to relay the largest amount of information.
Mattel, Inc.
333 Continental Boulevard
El Segundo, CA 90245-5012

 concentrate our social media effort...

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Seriously though I did some major updating. All that I believe is left is the family line and the dessert line.

Updated the minis pinterest as well.

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Updates are coming

Updates are coming, slowly but surely. The biggest surprises lately have been the random releases of Frankie with a locker room, Clawd and Clawdeen two pack and Venus as a Casketball player. They should be added to the site within the week.

In the meantime I setup a Pinterest account to keep track of the minis. All minis that have codes/waves have been added.


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