Updates are coming

Updates are coming, slowly but surely. The biggest surprises lately have been the random releases of Frankie with a locker room, Clawd and Clawdeen two pack and Venus as a Casketball player. They should be added to the site within the week.

In the meantime I setup a Pinterest account to keep track of the minis. All minis that have codes/waves have been added.



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Halloween Minis

Since the Halloween minis have been so difficult to find I scanned the coloring sheet for any little ghouls who want to color it. Also did the checklist too since it has the Halloween minis on it.
colorsheet scan-8





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Monster High Minis Code Guide

Microsoft Word - Monster High Minis Code GuideThanks to daydreams-at-midnight on Tumblr for the visual code guide.


Turns out there still is some variation with the beginnings of the Wave 2 (unknown about Wave 3) mini codes.

This cheat sheet has worked for me thus far, but the only one I wrote the full code for was Candy Abbey’s being 20360B24. So assume if the codes don’t start with a 200 number, this is not guaranteed to work.

If they start with a 0 all I’ve seen is Skelita being B31, and PG Rochelle being B27. I have yet to personally see one start with 0, but they’re out there.


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WalMart Exclusive Halloween Minis

WalMart has exclusive Monster High Minis for Halloween. They are in orange coffins. No word on where in the store they are located but I would recommend checking toys and the Halloween section.halloweenskullette

30 – Frankie
31 – Draculaura
32 – Clawdeen
33 – Cleo
34 – Lagoona
35 – Skelita

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