Generation 1

hello…is this thing on? Anyone still here?

This website has been my baby for almost 9 years and I’m so thankful for its popularity and the amount it helped many collectors. I just want to say THANK YOU to all my BOOFRIENDS! I’ve met some wonderful people that I love to claim as great friends.

In the next couple weeks there should be gradual updates, getting the kinks out of the new layout and organize the site. I just finished doing something EVERYONE has asked for and it’s simple I added release dates to the older lines so the majority are in release order. There are a few that overlap but that’s because they spanned several years or relaunched.

So with that being said BRING ON 2019! I plan to keep rollin’ with the normies and you never know, maybe just maybe Monster High will comeback. I mean it’s Stephen King that says “They Always Come Back.”

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